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Okay guys, Welcome to the Website Happy Share Indonesia! And now, will discuss about Youtube copyright. What is that? Why must Youtube Copyright? What is the reason? Yeah, give me a chance to discussing about Youtube copyright. And I am sorry if my article doesn’t help you. Big Sorry..


Nowadays, Youtube more intensify their policy. That is about Youtube Copyright. This policy remind us the important to appreciate creation other people.


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Discussion About: Copyright On Youtube


Copyright is the important thing you must know! Okay, i want to ask you, if you produce some product that you do with hard work, and suddenly your product “stolen” by other people, what is your reaction?


Angry? Be crazy?


Don’t accept?


Call police?


At least 1 of that statements will be your answer.


Copyright will be an important topic for all Youtube community. Yes, Youtube will help you to better appreciate Creator’s work.


What is the mean?


Basically, You will be taught about respecting the rights of others creator.


At the bottom of Youtube platform, you will find the access of all information and the tools needed for managing your rights Youtube platform.


What types of creation are subject to Youtube Copyright?


The subjects are:


  • Audiovisual Creation

    Such As: TV Shows, Movie and Online Videos.

  • Sound of recording (Song) and musical composition

  • Written Works

    Such As: An Article, lectures, books and musical composition.

  • Visual Works

    Such As: Portrayals, posters and advertisements.

  • Video Games, Operation System and Computer Software

    If they are paid and you got it by free (not official) maybe it’s ILLEGAL (Infringe Copyright).

  • Drama Works

    Such As: Musical drama, variety shows and plays.


But, ideas, facts and processes (tutorial) are not include to Youtube Copyright. If you want to get eligible for copyright protection, you must have both of 2 things, they are creativity and clearly set out in the media. Your name and title are not subject to copyright.



Can I use a copyright-protected work violate?


Maybe you can use it. BUT WITHOUT VIOLATE HOLDER’s COPYRIGHT. For more information please visit and read complete this link :


Your lovely video still can be claimed by copyright at the time when even you already say:


  • Give recognition
  • Not monetizing violate videos
  • Noticed similar videos that arise on YouTube
  • Purchased each content while on iTunes, Joox, CD, DVD, Spotify and many paid content.
  • Stating that “no infringement intended”


Can YouTube decide copyright Master?


Nope, they can’t. Youtube isn’t capable to mediate rights Master conflicts. When Them receive complete and valid take down notice  , then they shortly remove the contents of applicable laws. When they’re received a valid counter notification, they will be continue it to the person who requested to remove it.


Is copyright same as trademark?


Nope, copyright just one of intellectual property. If trademark, your brand’s name, title, mottos, logos and others thing identifiers from being used by others people for certain purposes. And it is also different with patent law which one protects invention.

For more information you can read this:

YouTube offers a separate removal process for videos which violate trademark or other laws.


What differences of COPYRIGHT and Privacy?


Just because you uploaded your video to Youtube doesn’t mean your videos, songs, images, or others you can own that copyright to it.


For example (From

if your friend filmed a conversation between the two of you, she would own the copyright to that video recording. The words the two of you are speaking are not subject to copyright separately from the video itself, unless they were fixed in advance.

If your friend, or someone else, uploaded a video, image, or recording of you without your permission, and you feel it violates your privacy or safety, you may wish to file a privacy complaint.


Okay i think that’s all i can share for You. I’m very sorry if my explanation and words fall apart. Very Sorry…


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